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Zombies! Episode 3.8: Castaways

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Somewhere off the map, on an Earth that even Google doesn't know about, there is a remote island. On that island, a prominent company set up a research facility. It was destroyed by the dead. Cleansed and rebuilt, it has now been populated by the infected, those people who rely on the medicine Olexynil to stave off the zombie infection. The great big secret here, though, is not that these people have been shunned, exiled to this far away place, but that the system is working. They are building lives for themselves, forging relationships, becoming whole again. It almost all seems too good to be true.

And it is...

Karen Weston has brought her passengers to the island, each with a different agenda. For Abby Benjamin, the goal is to be reunited with her husband. For Heintz, the goal is to find out what the government plans on doing with the residents of the island. On the island itself, those who are infected are going through their day to day lives, developing their routines while those in charge have their own agendas. When the first of the infected finally turns, the question is not why, but how. How does a young, healthy woman taking Olexynil become a zombie? The answer is buried under layers and layers of conspiracy.

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