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Learning to Float: Memoir of a Caregiver-Husband

249 pages3 hours


Allan and Deloris’s life together took a dramatic turn when she suffered a debilitating stroke. No longer an equal partner in marriage, Allan became Deloris’s caregiver, responsible for maintaining their household, as well as her wellbeing. Learning to Float describes Allan’s transformation from a criminal defense attorney to being a compassionate, emotionally vulnerable caregiver. Drawing on contemporaneously written emails and  journal entries, Ament unflinchingly shares his emotional, mental and physical ups and downs, as he focuses on the love, humor, and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth he experienced in this journey. Anyone who could become a caregiver for a loved one now or in the future will benefit from Ament’s journey. Everyone will be buoyed by the love Allan and Deloris share as they embrace their new normal.

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