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Thoughts From A Far-Flung Place

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This collection of poems by K. J. Tesar reflects his different styles of poetry, going from recounting a story, as he does with "A Journey Home", and "The Child Mother", to reflections on life as seen with "A Life Fades" and "The Edge of Life". In between we have haunting glimpses of the horror of war, as told by the two poems "When Evil Descends", and "The Battle of Bellevue Spur", the latter relating New Zealand's darkest day of both world wars. Through the collection we also have more fractured, enigmatic poems, like "The Unseen Path", "The living of a Life", and the surreal imagery of "The Flickering Light". The very special poem "Te Wharenui" explores the effects the Maori culture has had on New Zealand, and how this has helped New Zealand forge it's own, unique standing on the world stage. Even people who don't normally like poetry will find some enjoyment in this remarkable, singular collection of poems.

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