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Vacation With Liz

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Liz, one of my sexiest lady friends, has won a trip to Hawaii and wants me to accompany her. She has a fantasy, and believes I can help it come true better than anyone else. I play my part for her, and she experiences romance in the tropical paradise. Because of the graphic descriptions of our last night, this book is for adults only.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"I see we're going to be seatmates,” I said, by way of beginning introductions. "This is a long flight, so I might as well introduce myself. My name is George Boxlicker, but there's no reason to be formal. Just call me George."

"Glad to meet you, George,” she responded, offering her hand. "My name is Liz."

As I shook her hand, I asked "Is that short for Elizabeth?"

"Yes, but I don't like the long form because some people used to call me ‘Lizard Breath,’ almost as much as I dislike being called Lizzie. It makes me think of Lizzie Borden."

"Okay. Since I don't want you taking an axe to me, I won't call you Lizzie. Did you know Elizabeth has more nicknames than just about any other woman's name? I had a great aunt named Elizabeth and everybody called her Bid or Aunt Bid."

"That sounds better than Lizzie. Or better than Elizabeth."

All through the flight, we chatted amiably or read magazines or looked out the window at nothing. I also sneaked an occasional look at Liz, which is what I would have done if she had actually been a stranger, because she is very easy to look at. Although she says she’s overweight, I have always told her she has a great figure, especially her breasts, that I was aware are size 38D. Besides her sexy form, my friend has a pretty face, with long, soft red hair, fair skin and a pleasantly attractive face with a great smile. All together, a very good-looking woman, besides having a sweet disposition.

During the course of our conversation, shortly before landing, I happened to mention the name of the hotel where I would be staying in Hawaii. Liz thought that was a remarkable coincidence, that we were seatmates and that we would be staying at the same hotel. "What are the odds?” she asked. Then she went on to point out that, as part of the contest prize, she was entitled to a rental car, and that she would be picking it up at the airport. "You seem like a nice guy. Since we are both going to the same place, how about a ride to the hotel? You can help me get my carryon luggage out of the overhead compartment and then help me put my stuff in the car trunk."

"Well, Liz, that seems like a good idea. You seem to be a bit of alright yourself, as the British might say, and my plans aren't really set. I will probably be getting my own car tomorrow but, for now, I’ll accept your offer. But, in exchange, you have to let me buy you dinner tonight, unless you have other plans or are meeting someone."

“No, George, I'm not meeting anybody and I don't have any plans for dinner tonight. Thanks for the offer. That's nice of you. I don't really like eating alone, anyhow."

At the car rental stand, the clerk saw Liz and me together and tried to rent the car to me. "Don't look at me,” I told him. “The lady here is your renter. I'm just bumming a ride."

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