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Understanding Polymers Test

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The main objective of this book is to give an opportunity for who’s interested in plastic materials to understand the scientific and practical methods of inspecting and verifying plastic material.
This book will be good reference for whose working as Product Design Engineer, Quality control, Laboratory engineer and obviously anyone interested to understand polymer testing.
This book represents a collection of the most popular tests of Polymers as following:
1.Tensile test
2.Ball pressure test
3.Heat deflection test
4.Vicat softening point
5.Melt flow index
6.Moisture analysis
7.Tracking index
8.Glow wire test.
All of these tests have been addressed according to related standard (ISO & ASTM).
Each of these tests has been handled in new, modern, unique and innovative style presented for first time in this book, The following topics have been discussed in each test as following:
1.Applicable standard: reference standard should be adhered for the Test.
2.Scope: identification of test and aim of test.
3.Apparatus: identify the apparatus and equipment are required for test.
4.Specimen: identify the corresponding specimen size and characteristics.
5.Test description: how the test is carried on.
6.Test evaluation: what result I could get from test and how to evaluate it and accordingly make right judgement about test result (Passed /Failed).
7.Practical case study: conducting one practical test to insure strong understanding of test procedure.
This innovative style of producing this book is one of its most important characteristic.
Finally, I would like to ensure that the importance of this book belongs to importance of information addressed since it is result of my practical experience throughout my five years professional life work.

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