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The Custodians of the Fiery Photons

308 pages5 hours


The battle appears lost.

The Rainbow Alliance is shattered and the Family Unity Party is unstoppable. Nothing stands between the FUP and its utter domination.

Jake’s university life is destroyed as his friends and former comrades are hunted down in the moral purge. He is forced to use every ounce of his Guardian training to survive, even then tragedy strikes.

Yet there is a strange flicker of hope held out by James Grimwold, a scientist turned mad by studying the strange world of quantum nuclear physics for far too long.

A device, produced in his laboratory, could be the salvation of the Rainbow Alliance. Jake’s Guardian saviour, Darryn, is determined that it and its inventor will survive the purge.

Events hurtle toward the climactic final battle between the Family Unity Party and the Rainbow Alliance but who will gain victory?

This is the final and stunning ending to the highly acclaimed The Guardians Of The Rainbow, and The Keepers of the Sunken Way. One reviewer said, “James Bond clashes with fascist Britain against the most beautiful love story we’ve read in years. Fortunately 007 is fighting for equality and love, not the government.”

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