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Star Spangled Murder: Mikki Bridgewater Mysteries, #2

98 pages2 hours


Mikki Bridgewater is finally starting to recover after she narrowly escaped with her life last year at the hands of a killer. She has continued with therapy to help with the associated panic attacks and still manages to find time to run a successful candle shop and nurture a budding relationship with her boyfriend Officer Paul Richards. All seems to be going well in Pine Ridge West Virginia and the whole town is excited about the upcoming Fourth of July/ town Bicentennial celebration.

But when strange things begin to occur around her home, Mikki starts to wonder if she is overreacting because of last year’s trauma or if someone is out to get her. Her fears are soon confirmed when in the middle of float building for the big parade a body is discovered. Will Mikki fall victim to her fears, or will she face them and jump back into her amateur crime solving ways with her best friend Meg?

One thing is for sure, there is a killer on the loose in Pine Ridge and no one is safe. Who will survive to see the fireworks? I guess you will have to wait and see.

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