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Galaxy9 Breakout: Galaxy9, #2

Galaxy9 Breakout: Galaxy9, #2

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Galaxy9 Breakout: Galaxy9, #2

144 pages
1 hour
Jun 4, 2017


Wade, Jean and Sanjay are back, taking on the galaxy.  Isaac has disappeared from the medclinic where he was recovering.  Since they have his ship it only seems fair for the three engineering students from Earth to try and find him.  X5 won’t settle for anything less than a full rescue mission anyway.   But Isaac’s involved in something big, what are the friends risking going after him?

Jun 4, 2017

About the author

Darryl Brent writes books and short stories that are a mix of sci-fi and family tales for all ages. He lives in Southern Africa and when he's not reading or writing, he can be found surfing the nearest wave.  Well, either there or on Twitter.

Book Preview

Galaxy9 Breakout - Darryl Brent


Isaac’s head snapped back, hitting the metal headrest.  Ouch.  That was going to leave a bruise.  He eased his head up, feeling his muscles complaining.  He flexed his arm muscles slightly, trying to ease the tension caused by the restraints.  A man in a uniform loomed over him.  He was pulling back his arm to take another swing.  Isaac looked up at him groggily.  So what brings you here? he asked, his words slurring slightly.

Don’t try giving me any of your lip, the man snarled.  He struck out again.

Isaac rolled his head with the blow this time, cutting down on the force.  But he was immediately struck again and could feel his teeth shuddering in his jaw.

Enough, a gruff voice called from the corner of the room.  An older man was leaning over a table of instruments there.  You know that isn’t necessary lieutenant, said the grey-haired captain.  We’ll get all the information we need as soon as I inject the serum.

But Captain Card, I don’t see why he shouldn’t suffer, the younger man said.  The back of his hand connected with Isaac’s cheek with a resounding smack.  Isaac could feel the heat of his skin where the soldier’s hand had connected.  Why should these thugs get away with their attacks?

Enough lieutenant, said the captain.  We don’t want to sink to their level now, do we?  Hmm?  He filled a syringe carefully.  We represent law and order.  All the benefits of civilization.  Even if some people refuse to appreciate it.  The captain tapped the syringe. 

Call yourselves civilized? Isaac turned his head and spat on the floor.

Captain Card glanced down at the lump of bloody spit.  You’ll have to excuse my colleague.  He’s inclined to get carried away.  This is his first time leading a team to bring in rebels.  He needs to review his ‘necessary force’ guidelines.

Isaac snorted, I’m a training mission?

The captain smiled.  The serum’s ready.  A single dose should be enough for a man of your age, he said and smiled down at Isaac.  He checked his notes.  Of course you’ll wake up with a headache but you’ll provide all the information on ACSA we need.

Don’t bet on it, said Isaac, ignoring the needle, he kept his eyes locked on the captain. 

I think you’ll find you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment Isaac.  The needle slid into his arm with a sharp sting.  While the serum entered his vein, Isaac cast his eyes around frantically trying to think of some way out of the situation.

What do you want with me anyway? he snapped.  I don’t know anything about ACSA.

He’s lying, the lieutenant lunged towards him.

Forgive me if I don’t believe you Mr. Sellen, the captain replied calmly.  But you’ve been in our sights for a long time.  I’m just sorry the men didn’t get your ship as well.  At this he glanced at the lieutenant who blushed furiously.  It would have been nice to turn it to an honest day’s work for once.

Isaac growled in frustration but the room was beginning to swim around him.  You’ll never get the Shrike, he mumbled as his chin dropped to his chest.

Chapter 1: Investigations

W e’re approaching Sommay , Sanjay announced from the cockpit.  Jean and Wade strode in to watch the green and blue planet appearing through the windscreen.  Jean slipped into the co-pilot seat and swiping on the console’s screen, called up a zoomed in image.  X5, the little dome-shaped android, hovered over her shoulder.

Dwee? he beeped.

It’s so picturesque, it’s strange to think of anything bad happening down there, she said.

You think bad things don’t happen in pretty places? Sanjay said, turning to look at her in amusement.

She laughed.  Of course they do.  It just looks like a painted landscape.  Kind of unreal.  I can’t believe someone kidnapped Isaac from there.  Anyway, she pointed forward.  Eyes front please.  I’d prefer the Shrike not to end up a smear on the painting.

Don’t stress.  I’ve know what I’m doing, I could practically handle a quiet landing like this with my eyes shut.

Wade leant on the back of Sanjay’s chair and planting a large hand on top of his friend’s head, turned his eyes front.  Keep ‘em open anyway, he said with a half smile.

Sheesh, fine, Sanjay focused back on the console and viewscreen.

"And Isaac didn’t want me driving," said Wade with a shake of his head.

Nobody wants you driving Wade, said Jean.  You think the only speed on a vehicle is foot flat.

Sanjay laughed.  Wade gave a snort and leant back against the wall to watch the lemon yellow clouds passing the ship.

Now what? said Wade, when they were safely docked in the port.

Stay out of it? Sanjay suggested hopefully.

Other than that, said Wade.  Sanjay grinned.

Let’s start at the scene of the crime, said Jean.  Maybe the medclinic has cameras.  A recording of Isaac’s kidnapping could tell us who took him.

And then what? asked Sanjay, getting serious.  Whoever took him has to be a professional.  What exactly are we planning to do about it?

He’s let us use his ship all this time.  I think we’re obliged to help him, if we can, she said rubbing a hand over her short sandy hair.

X5 trilled his agreement.

And what happens when we get ourselves killed out here? Sanjay wanted to know.

We’ve managed heavy missions before, said Wade, looming from the doorway.

We’ve also almost got ourselves killed before, said Sanjay.

Look, said Jean.  Let’s find out what happened before we decide anything.  Maybe he’s fine or maybe the local law have already rescued him.

Yeah, that’s likely, Sanjay muttered under his breath as he grabbed his pistol and followed them out.

Outside the port, they made their way down the tree-lined street, towards the medclinic, where Isaac had been recuperating.  Wade picked one of the over hanging fruit and bit into it as they walked. 

A group of children ran past laughing and vans full of produce trundled down the road with their ball-shaped wheels.  The street was lined with whitewashed buildings with red tiled roofs.

See what I mean about peaceful? Jean said.

Yeah, it’s like a postcard," said Wade.  A small child tagging along behind the bigger group reached them.  He stopped and stared up at them open-mouthed.  Wade and Jean smiled at him but his eyes just grew bigger and he flattened himself against the wall as they passed.

I guess we don’t fit the postcard, said Sanjay, with a grin.

What? said Wade.

Sanjay laughed.  In case you haven’t noticed, our dark clothes and pistols and Jean’s eye patch don’t exactly fit the country town profile.

Jean grinned and wiggled her eyebrows causing the red targeting circle to flash on and off on the black patch over her right eye.  Becoming serious again, she said, This is where Isaac comes from though.

Yeah, but I think he spent most of his time in space, ferrying cargoes.  I don’t think he made a lot of visits home.

Wonder how he was doing, being stuck here so long, said Wade.

We’ll find out now, said Jean turning to the doors of the medclinic, which slid open at the friends’ approach.

When they told the woman in reception who they were looking for she became quite flustered.

We’re real sorry about that, you know, the pretty blonde said.  We’ve never had a kidnapping from inside the medclinic before.  I’ll take you to the administrator.  She lead them to a lift that took them to the next floor and then walked them to the end of the corridor where a group of offices lay.  They were ushered into a light airy office with a large desk.  The man behind the desk’s green skin marked him as a gelerone.  As they entered he stood and came round the desk to greet them.

We’re so sorry for what happened to your friend, he said.  Was he perhaps some sort of relative?  The administrator peered at Jean, who, since she was fair and her visible eye green, was the closest match in colouring to the old man. 

No, he was just a friend.  We’re looking after his ship.  X5 here is the closest to his relative, we know of.

Dwee, the little android agreed.

Well he must have regarded you warmly to leave his ship with you.

He didn’t have a lot of choice at the time.  Someone had to run it while he was recovering.  How was he coming on anyway?

"Oh he was much better.  Usually we’d have released him to his family ages ago but he lost his parents a long time ago, he doesn't have

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