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Galaxy9 Breakout: Galaxy9, #2
Galaxy9 Breakout: Galaxy9, #2
Galaxy9 Breakout: Galaxy9, #2
Ebook144 pages1 hour

Galaxy9 Breakout: Galaxy9, #2

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About this ebook

Wade, Jean and Sanjay are back, taking on the galaxy.  Isaac has disappeared from the medclinic where he was recovering.  Since they have his ship it only seems fair for the three engineering students from Earth to try and find him.  X5 won’t settle for anything less than a full rescue mission anyway.   But Isaac’s involved in something big, what are the friends risking going after him?

PublisherDarryl Brent
Release dateJun 4, 2017
Galaxy9 Breakout: Galaxy9, #2
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Darryl Brent

Darryl Brent writes books and short stories that are a mix of sci-fi and family tales for all ages. He lives in Southern Africa and when he's not reading or writing, he can be found surfing the nearest wave.  Well, either there or on Twitter.

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