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Recap & World Lore of Fallen to Grace: Celestial Downfall, #1.5

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Fallen to Grace only touches the surface of a beautifully deep and intricate world. Understand Terra and Celestia on a whole new level with this exciting fan freebie. Stunning images are paired with full descriptions of key world lore elements you'll encounter in Fallen to Grace and future novels. The Celestial Downfall trilogy is ripe with deeper meaning and symbols hidden in the books that you'll fully appreciate with this inside look at Celestia, Terra, and the worlds beyond.

This exciting fan freebie is also perfect to quickly recap Fallen to Grace and make sure the story is fresh in your mind when it's time to continue the series. Each book in the trilogy will be written to be read as stand-alones for those who have not read the previous novels. If you have not read Fallen to Grace and don't want to wait to read Rise to Hope, this recap is perfect to get up to speed.


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