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Remember Texas: The Redfish Chronicles, #5

248 pages2 hours


Ava Vincent hightailed it out of Texas more than twenty years ago, vowing never to return. But when Ava takes the "perfect" job in Redfish, Texas, she never expects to find her estranged brothers living in the same small town. Reconciliation is made that much harder because she won't explain why she completely cut off her family. Some secrets can't be shared. Ever.

Widower Jack Williams moved to Redfish hoping for a better life for himself and his troubled teenage son. When he meets Ava he knows that here is a woman he could be happy with. But there's more to Ava than she's sharing, even with the man who loves her. Jack could forgive her secrets, but could he forgive the shameful truth?

Should she play it safe and push Jack away? Or listen to her heart and take the biggest risk of all?

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