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Erotic Ramblings - Vol 1

59 pages33 minutes


Two erotic short stories together in one edition: Flash, the tale of an exhibitionist, and Sophistication, a good girl going very bad in Italy!

Flash. The Adventures of Exhibitionist Emma. A story of fetish and desire. The first part of the Exhibitionist Emma series of short erotic stories. Follow sexy exhibitionist Emma as she explores her sexuality and the overwhelming urge that she feels to 'accidentally' expose her naked body to strangers.

Sophistication.... Sophie Jackson – born to a poor background in the back streets of Manchester. In a world of poverty and unemployment Sophie understands that her prospects for the future are bleak, but Sophie is a positive girl, attractive and slim, she had a figure to drive men wild. But she does not learn to exploit her feminine charms until she has secured the position of au pair to a wealthy Italian couple in Rome, there Mr Gino unwittingly sets her on a career path that will take her to the very top. In the short erotic story Sophistication, learn how Sophie’s journey begins.

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