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5 Erotic Short Stories Vol 4

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Five of Sophie Sin's latest erotic short stories. Included are the cheating husband who desires sexual freedom, an orgy with the white wife of a kinky black hubby, the drunk and drugged alpha male enjoying women as he does, a poor girl impregnated by a black billionaire for his entertainment, and a 9-inch virgin playing a dangerous game. All this and more in this erotica collection.

The '5 Erotic Short Stories Vol 4' collection contains these stories and more:

# Cheating Husband Threesome (Threesome)
The Unfaithful Husband is unhappy, unsatisfied and unable to deal with the lack of sex he has been experiencing. Not once has considered cheating, but when The Wife blows him off for work for the 20th time, he can no longer restrain himself. A gorgeous blond model is the first to lead him astray. However, a chance encounter earlier in the day turns their twosome into a hot, sexy threesome.

# Black Hubby (Interracial)
I thought she’d cancel the engagement if we gang banged her. Four big strong black men and one tiny little white woman - how could she even think she could take us on? We were wrong. The tables were turned. This white woman is filthy!

# Absolute Scumbag (Alpha Male)
I’m so bored. My job - having naughty sex with hot rich studs - is so dull. Then HE came and took me by the hair and spanked my butt and told me to lick and do things somewhere naughty. It’s not so boring anymore. In fact, it’s absolutely filthy.

# Pregnant By A Black Billionaire (Millionaire)
That big black bas... hunk stuck himself deep inside and let flow what would create our child. Yet, a poor white girl like me doesn’t have the resources for a fix and now there’s talk of marriage. Can I really love a black man?

# 9 Inch Virgin (Well Hung)
I never would have imagined that something like this existed and least of all on my best friend’s mother’s boyfriend. He’s hot and I’ve wanted him forever, but there wasn’t ever a chance - until today. Hot hung and horny action

And many other great erotica short stories in this collection.

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