How to Draw: Easy Step by Step Guide to Learn Drawing for Beginners

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How to Draw: Easy Step by Step Guide to Learn Drawing for Beginners

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Length: 36 pages22 minutes


We have created this guide with belief that anyone, even those of you who had never done that before, can learn and is able to learn how to draw. Drawings and paintings are ways of expressing what we see, helping us show our impressions to others. Not all of us see the world around us in the same way, but anyone can learn how to draw and show what they see to others.
We have made 6 chapters explaining everything a beginner should know in order to learn how to draw. The guide is made in a way that will help you pick up the basics, gradually progressing to more advanced lessons that are still made and adjusted for beginners. The only thing required from you is a couple of pencils, paper and good will. 
In our guide you will find out more about perspective in drawings, proportion, colors and coloring techniques, shading, drawing basics, drawing scenery and landscapes, practicing and more difficult lessons such as drawing faces.

We will teach you more about:

- Drawing Basics – Basic shapes and practicing

- Perspective in drawings – how to achieve perspective and different types of perspective

- Proportion – what is proportion and why is it important

- Colors and lines – use of colors and shading

- Drawing faces – learn how to draw faces, step-by-step and effortlessly

- Everything an Artist Needs

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