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Molten Eternities

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Molten Eternities is a collection of short poems that etch out the dogmas of this universe and attempt to have a look on the other side. The poems poke the vast eeriness of the cosmos, and how it is an eternity and a brief moment, all at once. Caught up in this paradox of ‘time’ are all of us - molten fragments of an eternity, and shackled down by years, and lifetimes. Lifetimes that thrive on promises and vows. Each one of us yearning for a love that is flawless and yet, evades us. The poems reflect the turmoil that each one of us faces as we grapple with emotions that race through our veins. Short and crisp, these short poems paint a lush landscape of thoughts in a handful of words. They try and ponder what we all seek in our lifetimes, and what awaits us at the end of it all, when, we pass on into the stagnant Universe.
Only to become an eternity, once again..

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