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Summer Of Love

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Brooke Adriani is living the Key West dream. A successful real estate broker, her days are filled with well-heeled clients, sunshine, yoga and a healthy dose of her best friend, Justin. Tragedy early in life may have faltered her ability to get close to others but between that intoxicating island air, an all-knowing hula doll and an otherwise contented existence, who has time for that fairytale love stuff anyway?
After all, her no-nonsense Brooklynite father instilled tangible values in her – Hard work. Business acumen. Professional integrity. In fact, nobody is more surprised than Brooke when her father falls in love with a local woman who couldn’t be more opposite from him. Even more disconcerting than her father head over heels is the gorgeous, spirited daughter of his new love...
Struggling photographer Amber Lucas is devastated after being pushed back into the closet – literally - and discovering that her sort-of girlfriend had a girlfriend all along. Insult is heaped upon injury after being invited to participate in a prestigious photography exhibition – As the administrative assistant. With bruised pride but an optimistic outlook, she takes the opportunity in hopes of leaving her broken heart behind and spending time with her ex-flower child mother. No matter that her mother has fallen in love and seems even dreamier than usual or that her love interest’s daughter is a snob. The last thing she needs is another ice queen.
Brooke and Amber are less than pleased that they’ve been thrown into each other’s lives, but the undeniable chemistry brings all sorts of uncomfortable questions about growing up, coming out and whether two imperfect people truly can overcome their flaws to make the sizzling season their own summer of love. Under the scorching island sun, one thing is for sure – This summer is going to be far from boring.

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