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Extropia: Mind Game

200 pages5 hours


An act of sabotage leaves Edward Founder’s brother and father trapped inside a virtual reality game, Extropia. Edward goes after them and discovers that the game is overrun by the artificially intelligent tyrant, Dēofol. Dēofol is holding Edward's brother captive, but little does Edward realise that Dēofol has learnt of the real world, and the closer he draws to rescuing his brother, the closer he comes to the trap that will enable Dēofol's code-based mind to escape the confines of Extropia and enter the real world. As Edward races to save his family from being trapped inside Extropia forever, he must not only beat the game and a host of despicable characters, but also come face to face with his own inner demons. Inspired by computer games such as Skyrim and The Witcher 3, Extropia: Mind Game explores the worlds of artifical intelligence and virtual reality. Accompanying the increased presence of virtual reality in the consumer landscape, Robin’s debut science-fiction novel creates a dystopian world in which computer game characters become self-aware and intelligent. The book will appeal to readers of science fiction, but also to players of fantasy role-playing computer games to whom the landscape of Extropia will seem very familiar. Extropia: Mind Game will also appeal to readers of adventure stories, and fans of dystopian books such as The Hunger Games series.

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