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We Are Vengeful Addiction~Lexi: The Vengeful Addiction Series, #1

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Lexi~ Lead singer of Vengeful Addiction loves her music, her bandmates, and her fans. Starting with the band at the age of 17 left no time for boys, relationships or falling in love. Falling into the party scene she did her fair share of the 'sex, drugs and rock-n-roll' lifestyle.

Wanting to break free from the alcohol haze, Lexi straightens up her act and lives to play the gigs and sing until her throat burns. The desire to know the touch of a real man, the passion real love can bring. She waits. She knows that when he comes there will be a spark. She will know he is the one. 

Longing to return home, the tour has been too long, it needs to end, so she can just be herself again. Her bandmates, brothers will be there until the end. She wants more than her brothers. She wants love, passion, the unyielding need to feel a man's body close to hers. She will wait, patiently. He will come.

Who would believe you when you tell them that forgetting to take the trash to the road would be the best day of your life? It was Lexi's.

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