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The Risen Woman

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The Risen Woman is two things. First, it is a collection of true stories of women who have suffered domestic violence, abuse, and rape; and who have struggled through it and overcome it, rising up from it and moving forward with their lives to become strong independent women who are a source of inspiration to others, and a success in their own lives. Second, it is a resource of information about domestic violence, abuse, and rape, for those who may not understand just what those things are, and what it means to live with them and to try to leave that kind of life

This book is meant to be a guide and an inspiration for anyone who needs help, who has suffered abuse, who has been raped, and who has been hurt by others. It is a light to move forward through the darkness. It is proof that we can overcome the painful shadows of the past and find a good life in the future. It is meant to educate people, so that through education and understanding, we as a society can change the culture of rape, abuse, and domestic violence. Those things are never acceptable, and they are things that we can change.

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