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The Girl Chameloen Episode Five: The Shifter Vampire Alliance Serial

142 pages2 hours


Shapeshifting comes with a steep risk…

Unlike most shifters, Jen can transform into any object she touches. At first, it's just objects, but as her best friend and vampire boyfriend help her hone her skills, her transformations become more magical…and more dangerous.

Now she's able to shift into animals and even other people. But when the evil king of her boyfriend's vampire clan, plots to take over Los Angeles with his deadly telepathic abilities, Jen and her vampire sweetheart will have to unite to defend the City of the Angels.

If they fail to stop the vampire king, he'll suck the life out of the city, and Jen and everyone she loves will die—over and over again.

One click today for a unique and fascinating paranormal romance that will make you laugh, bite your nails, and cheer as you turn the pages!

****This is a second edition. This seven episode novella series has alternating character points of view. For optimal enjoyment, you'll need to finish all the episodes to see how it comes together and how it ends!**

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