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Vegan Recipes: 25 Simple and Easy to Make Vegan Recipes for Beginners

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Choosing the vegan life with purposeful awareness can be both gratifying and challenging at once. Choosing a vegan lifestyle requires you to make a commitment to live a healthier life while having a positive effect on the world around you. This is not only a simple, healthy diet change; this is an oath you take to earnestly scrutinize every aspect of your life. It is not only animal-free food that is part of our search, but also our choices in cosmetic products, clothing etc. These are all principal parts of living the vegan lifestyle.

It rarely happens that someone changes to a complete vegan lifestyle in a matter of moments. It is a route that you take, and along this route you gradually alter your habits and change your way of life.

Whether you only want to follow a vegan diet for health reasons or you want to change your way of life due to moral beliefs is up to you. The best place to start for either of these reasons, however, is in your grocery cart and ultimately your kitchen. 

Your journey starts right here, in this book you will find a few easy and healthy recipes to get you started. You can use these recipes to ease you into your vegan diet and get acquainted with the myriad of flavors that awaits you. As an added bonus, I have also included some ideas on how to add your favorite “extras” like whipped cream, and more without compromising your ideals and dreams of a healthier and greener lifestyle.  

Your journey won’t end here, this is just the beginning...

This book is conveniently divided into different sections to get you started.

- A little bit of history for those who strive to know more.

- Reasons why you have made the right choice in becoming a vegan.

- Easy and filling breakfast recipes.

- Quick and light lunches/ light meals.

- Dinners that will make you ask for more.

- Tasty desserts for those who enjoy the little pleasures in life.

- A few easy baking recipes for bread and more.

- Good replacements for every day – not-so-vegan- ingredients.

Who said “good” has to be tasteless and boring?

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