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Chasing Cars

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"You have to promise you'll come back. I didn't die, so you can't die either."
For high-school senior Karev Grey, life has never been completely normal. Her parents are secret drug dealers, and at her school, she doesn't know many people.
One day, after a "freak accident," she winds up paralyzed and wheelchair-bound for what seems to be the rest of her life. As far as she's concerned, she'll be going down the same path her parents took years before her.
But then, at a retreat with her best friend, Karev meets an overly optimistic guy who may change her entire outlook on life.
Of course, nothing ever goes as planned, and one disaster after the next seems to fall on Karev and her two best friends. From a tragic school fire to a life-altering surgery, the three friends think nothing else could possibly get worse.

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