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Write it Now. Book 4 - Getting To Know Your Characters: Write Your Novel or Memoir. A Series Guide For Beginners, #4

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Procrastination is the enemy of the new writer.

This book 4 in this series hopes to not provide another way of avoidance. This is a series of little books covering single topics on writing. Most books are long and involved in a lot of theory. Beginners are daunted by books that say too much! Reading on writing can create even more fear.

This little book is about the importance of characters in your story. It is about creating characters and getting to know them well. It is not about any other aspect of writing, and for that reason I hope beginners will take the small amount of time needed to read this book.

Your characters will benefit. Characters make your story. Your story, your plot, is moved along by its characters. You must get to know them. If you don’t know them, neither will your readers.

This little book hopes to help you to create characters who will be believable and who will come to life in your plot

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