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True Crime Confidential Volume 4: True Crime Confidential, #4

131 pages2 hours


18 Truly Horrific Murder Cases, including;
Dark Water: The frantic young woman claimed that her young sons had been abducted by a gunman. The truth was rather more sinister.

The Brighton Trunk Murders: Two female corpses are found crammed into luggage trunks. But are the murders related? And if so, how? 
Death in the Badlands: When an America student goes missing south of the border, suspicion falls on a drug dealer with links to human sacrifice rituals.

The Stepmother from Hell: What kind of a monster would torture a 6-year-old amputee and cancer survivor? 

The Cannibal Convict: Eight men escape from the Sarah Island penitentiary into the Tasmanian wilderness. One of them survives by eating the others. 
Like Mother, Like Son: Deception, lies, incest and murder – all in a day’s work for Sante and Kenny Kimes.

Telltale Teeth: When a young girl is found savagely murdered in a church yard, the hunt is on to find her killer. Bite marks on the corpse may be the only clue.
The Prodigal Son: A spoilt brat with a sense of entitlement and a simmering hatred towards his parents, a double homicide of audacious brutality. 




Plus 10 more riveting true crime cases. Scroll up to get your copy now. 

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