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Amazon Echo: The Ultimate Quick Start Guide to Learning the Most Important Features About Amazon Echo

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Amazon Echo is an amazingly revolutionary device! Do you remember those science fiction movies where people just say what they want and a ‘magic’ device does it for them? Well, that future is here now, with Amazon Echo.

Simple to use, user friendly, affordable and with a smart look, Amazon echo allows you to control all your smart devices without lifting a single finger: all you need to do is say what you want, when you want and Amazon Echo will sort it out for you. It also has a wonderfully natural voice for when you want it to respond to you, or read you the news etc, as well as a lot of inbuilt applications that can revolutionise your life.

This book gives you clear and informed tips and guidelines on how you can make the best of your Amazon Echo device; whether you have one already, or are thinking about getting one, this book will teach you how to:

- Set up your Amazon Echo device

- Install the software

- Use your Amazon Echo to find, buy or play music

- Use your Amazon Echo to keep shopping lists, keep and update your diary and read it to you

- Use your Amazon Echo to find and read the news (including the weather, traffic bulletins and sports) to you

- Use your Amazon Echo to read books to you
… and much, much more! 

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