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Katrina's Gift

Length: 113 pages1 hour


Katrina Sibowski has inherited a gift from her grandmother she doesn't want or understand. Gift is what her grandmother, Libby Sibowski, calls the women in the Sibowski family's ability to have second sight. This revelation catches Katrina by complete surprise. Her mother, Vencil, is uneasy around her mother-in-law because of her powers. She knew there was a fifty-fifty chance Katrina might inherit second sight, but she didn't warn her daughter. Katrina's grandmother is the granny woman healer for the neighborhood. The closest thing to a doctor. She doesn't talk about her gift and very few people have witnessed her have visions. They see that as a witch's curse. When Libby Sibowski realizes thirteen-year-old Katrina now has dream visions, Libby wants to train Katrina to become the next healer to take her place, but Libby warns Katrina to be careful not to talk about her second sight so no one outside of the family knows about Katrina's Gift.

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