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When The Lights Go Out In The City: A Few Dark Tales of Horror, Opportunity & Lust

Length: 73 pages1 hour


Enjoying The Outdoor Concert - A woman looks to enjoy more than just the music at an outdoor concert. This incident, or two, is pulsating with excitement and lust.

Cry Wolf - Things get out of control in a store dressing room, where a man and a woman are about to get intimate. What happens sends customers screaming off as the man begins to change into a werewolf.

Blind Date Werewolf - is the story of a woman who meets someone new, and they hit it off – until she hears something in the kitchen that evening and sees a large animal eating their leftover steaks. After calling 911 and the animal disappears, she finds her new boyfriend has an additional bonus when he doesn’t balk at going shopping in the mall, but a little while later, she finds out what he’s really like.

Hard Body - Dan was used to being alone in the gym when he did his early morning workouts, but one evening he saw another man using the equipment and his dreams were never the same again. This is an LGBT romance and very sensuous.

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