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Heart Breaker

Length: 72 pages58 minutes


The Luke bothers were put on this Earth to tempt women into things carnal and naughty. Jenny Smith has only one virginity to give and Michael Luke is her first choice to take it. Not all things end well. This story takes you five years beyond that fateful day that changed them both to their reunion and the heated passion that neither can quell. Just one more time can’t hurt, can it?

Micheal Luke is leaving town to become a doctor. On his last night he meets a girl he’s known has wanted him for a long time and has no qualms about taking from her what a man shouldn’t. An easy virgin - no problem. One more for the road.

Jenny Smith has been head over heels for Michael since the moment that she first saw him in high school with his brothers. There’s no one else she’d rather have take her virginity, but in the years to come will she regret that decision? How will it effect her to be with a man like that? And what will she do when she meets him again?

Find out within.

Please note that this book contains 9 Inch Virgin and Train Molesting An Alpha Male. The themes of these stories fit well with the main story presented in this book.

Not what you are looking for? Sophie Sin has written over 500 male-female short erotic stories and 200 gay ones. There's something for everyone with Sophie Sin.

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