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Kevin was well-known on Texada Island for his lovely singing voice and for his ability to use his voice to mimic birds and animals. At age ten, he encounters a pod of dolphins and begins to mimic their sounds. As Kevin grows older, with all of the usual adolescent difficulties plus a devastating injury, he never stops thinking about his interaction with the dolphins, especially the one he calls Ancion; even his dreams contain watery images - strange sights involving dolphins and other sea creatures. Would anyone believe him? Could this strange and wonderful relationship help him with his problems? What did it mean for his future?

Ancion was thrilled and excited at the idea of being able to communicate with a human, just as his ancestors had in Atlantis centuries ago. As he matures and learns to deal with his changing role in the pod, Ancion continues to listen for a distinctive human voice. Soon his pod could be in danger, as the plight of the oceanic world worsens. He longs to share his concerns with his human friend. Would Kevin hear him? Would he understand? Could he help to stop the desecr

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