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The Holding Pen: A Novella

Length: 84 pages1 hour


A Modern Day Romance - if you can call it that. The quintessential Baby Boomer story of mid-life dating.

HE lives in Connecticut, runs a high end home furnishings company, works in his garden, has his kids on the weekends, and attends law school at night in order to quell his boredom and loneliness. Oh, and he has a gaggle of women friends.

SHE lives in a high-rise in NYC, trades stocks and bonds, has one child who spends a lot of time with his father, SHE attends literature classes at night to encourage her to read something other than financial news. There are snippets of the books she is reading and then a poem that she had to write and submit for the class. It is classic.

SHE would like to find someone to love and possibly settle down with. They meet in a restaurant bar in New Canaan and begin a short interlude. Their dialogue is very real and one can only wonder how people do get together, commit, and marry. Never mind stay loyal.
If you are out there looking for love, you will clearly see yourself.

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