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Kingsley Manor: The Complete Series

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Gothic fans will enjoy this dark Regency duology featuring love lost and found at stately Kingsley Manor.

Rhianna: Alone after the death of her parents, nineteen-year-old Rhianna Braden must give up her life and beaus to move to Kingsley Manor. Her uncommon beauty captures the attention of the dashing Lord Thayne Brighton, but Rhianna is certain, despite their mutual attraction, that he will never choose her over his wealthy intended. Meanwhile, Lady Lydia Kingsley suspects her husband Guilford’s attention to the new family member under their roof has led to an affair between them. Caught in the web of desire and lies, Rhianna finds her own life in danger when the truth inevitably comes to light. After all, family secrets are not meant to be kept.

Audra: Wealthy heiress Audra Kingsley agrees to go along with her father’s insistence on a London season, even though she’s always been promised to marry her neighbor and childhood sweetheart, Lord Crispin Brighton. She heads to London with her patroness, the eccentric Lady Sutherland, who is determined to show the young debutante that she has more options than a second son. Unfortunately, Audra is also the object of a secret admirer’s obsession who plans to compromise her into an unwanted marriage. Can a country girl thwart the city Ton to return to her beloved?

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

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