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Length: 327 pages4 hours


Giant telepathic arachnids. Sentient ships. Planetary rebellions. Heroic rescues. Broken hearts and second chances. Brave spacers, hot lovers.

Sebastien ven Hester is a reluctantly divorced war hero and captain of the spaceship 'Naurus'. North is his co-pilot and one night stand, desperate to change up his relationship with his emotionally inhibited superior. And Jati is the ship's engineer, in love with North who is too wrapped up in Seb to notice her feelings.

Trying to sort out a mess love triangle while your ship is under deadly attack isn't exactly the easiest thing to manage, but at least it's a distraction from thinking about what will happen if they fail to stop the Karhal.

The Interstitial anthology, include the previously published 'Interstitial', and two more stories featuring Seb, North, and Jati.

NB - this is not a menage à trois series.

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