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The Silent Invader

Length: 39 pages30 minutes


An exciting, page turning debut short story from author Thomas Wood. If you like One Good Turn by Chris Ryan, you'll love this!

Responsible for the lives of thirty elite soldiers in the back of his aircraft, a member of Britain's Glider Pilot Regiment has a huge weight upon his shoulders. Plummeting to the ground at over one hundred miles an hour, he struggles not only with the responsibility of lives, but also with the enormity of the objective set before him.

Haunted by the words his father spoke before departing for war, he also struggles with the possibility of never seeing his wife again.

A reality for a small number of men during the Second World War, The Silent Invader aims to encapsulate the human side of the story, with excitement, despair and depression, join our pilot as he falls to the ground in an aircraft with no engines.

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