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Rapture Of The Church: Are You Eligible?

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Rapture is judgment for Christians. It is the only way to enter heaven in a glorified state in this dispensation of grace, and it will not overtake every believer by surprise. Like Simeon, Anna, Elizabeth and John the Baptist who knew in advance about the first coming of Christ, born again Christians who are expecting the return of the Lord will have an idea of the time and season when the church will be evacuated to heaven.
Those who have the mind of Christ will know within a short space of time when the rapture will take place. Believers who qualify to participate in the rapture may not know the date or hour but will have an inner witness in their spirit about the sounding of the last trumpet.
Those who do not know the times and the seasons may still participate in the rapture but are unlikely to be part of the bride of Christ. The reason is that rapture has eligibility criteria. This book sets the eligibility criteria and biblical standards that qualify for participation in the evacuation of the church to heaven in a grand manner.

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