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Fulfilling Desires: Book 2 of 'Learning To Like It'

Length: 35 pages31 minutes


In this second part of the ‘Learning to Like It’ series, Lisa and Dean show up for day two of BDSM training. Can the normally in-control Lisa learn to be submissive and accept the fact that her pleasure now belongs to her husband? Dean's fantasy of taking her in a new hole ensures that Lisa's next lesson is going to be long and hard, even while their instructor watches.
~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
“We've got to go! Class starts in ten minutes,” he answered. Something about his tone was less impatient and more teasing, but I didn't have time to stop and think about it.
I grabbed a pair of low black heels and followed him out to the car.
We got to the school just in time, right as the others were assembling in the meeting room. Barnes - the founder and “headmaster” of the school - addressed the group.
“Welcome back! I'm pleased to see most of you have returned.”
I looked around the room, recognizing some of the people I had seen yesterday. They looked so different with their clothes on. The ligature marks around their wrists and ankles, as well as the body piercings some of them wore, were covered. They looked like normal people to me now.
As opposed to what? I wondered. Submissive freaks who like to be punished? I had to remind myself that I was here too, in the same position. I could hardly judge them for their choices.

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