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Eternity in an Hour

452 pages7 hours


Isolated in the center of an enormous sea, the island nation of the Coquels is everything Paru is not: beautiful, prosperous, magical—and hidden. When Paru native Tristys wakes up in Coquels after a shipwreck, he meets Rami Harys, a man whose beauty is tempered by his mood swings.

Rami provides a way back home, but he also unexpectedly provides a reason to stay: he seems interested in Tristys, and such a relationship wouldn't be possible back in Paru. Tempting though it is to stay and see what could be, Tristys decides to return to his family—only to be stopped by the sudden appearance of magic he didn't know existed, let alone possessed.

If left unchecked, the magic could destroy him, giving him no choice but to travel with Rami deeper into Coquels to the one place that can help him, leading him a on journey he never expected and may not survive.

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