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Secrets of Productive Contracts

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What does a productive contract look like?
After years of testing different contracting techniques and many contract negotiations and disputes, it's clear the best contracts look like a Reverse Sandwich. Important stuff on the outside, general stuff on the inside.

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A Reverse Sandwich Contract is a contract that is ridiculously readable, lovely to look at, simple to use, fast to negotiate, and easy to automate. And of course, powerfully productive.

This book shows you how to write a contract that is useful and useable.

You want to get more done at work & in business. Pressure on your time keeps mounting every day and you find yourself dealing with repetitive issues, difficult negotiations and mind-numbing admin work. Productive contracts work for you, not against you.

In 'The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts', authors Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind talk about how the future will look for professionals, including lawyers. This book helps legal professionals learn how to survive the changes predicted by Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind.

If your business documents aren't optimised for electronic signatures and automation processes, your company will be left behind. If you want to do more with less, you need to increase your productivity. This book will help you increase your productivity & get your contracts working for you, not against you.

It took several years and many failed efforts to figure out the Secrets of Productive Contracts shared in this book. Hopefully, you will get value out of them far sooner in your business productivity journey.

This guide is written for:

new lawyers who want to know how to write a simple contract
paralegals & legal secretaries putting contracts together
solo lawyers at medium sized companies with limited resources
office administrators who want to move to a paperless office
procurement & contract managers keen to develop b customer experience
legal teams in process driven corporations where process efficiency is paramount and
anyone who deals with contracts and thinks ‘There has to be a better way!?’.
What will you learn? Here's a little preview...

The big productivity secret - how to make a Reverse Sandwich Contract
How to think digitally about contracts, documents & processes
Where to find minions
How to delegate like Beyonce
Why a contract is not just a bit of paper
How to apply Triple 'O' Productivity to your contract document & your contract process 
Obliterate the unnecessary
Optimise the important
Outsource to robots & humans

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