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Can't Fool All of the People All of the Time: Case Study, The G.W. Bush AWOL Story -- U.S. Corporate Versus Independent & Citizen Journalism

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Military veteran, sister of a Vietnam War casualty, and a former print journalist, Maureen A. Griswold's 2003 satirical exposé, "A Veteran Applauds KB Toys," catalyzed a tsunami of responses/commentary regarding U.S. corporate media overall blackout of the G.W. Bush AWOL story from presidential campaign 2000 to presidential campaign 2004. This resulting case study of war-related journalism, propaganda, and media standards and ethics is dedicated to journalism students and is relevant as well to anyone interested in journalism and mass communications. Also included is the story of the author's brother, Vietnam War casualty, Army Warrant Officer/Assault Helicopter Pilot Scott Craig Griswold.

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