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Write it Now. Book 9 - On Publishing: Write Your Novel or Memoir. A Series Guide For Beginners, #9

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This is little book 9 in this series, and it is intended as a broad guide for beginners.

There are different forms of publishing. Now, in this digital age, the new writer has options. This book hopes to guide you through those options, ranging from the traditional publisher to self-publishing a paperback and an eBook.

There is a lot of information here, and I hope it makes the choices easier.

This Little Book aims simply to be a guide to new writers on the subject of publishing. It takes the form of a discussion of the different forms of publishing available in today’s changing market.

Each different form will be discussed and their requirements will be given.

Many new writers, particularly writers of novels, will seek the recognition of a publisher’s acceptance of the quality or saleability of their work. They will need to know how to approach a publisher who will pay them, and this advice is given here.

Others will for whatever reason, be prepared to pay to self-publish their work. While yet others, will seek to use free publishing services. Appropriate advice is given to all of these authors.

It doesn’t aim to be an exhaustive list of publishers, though some publishers and their requirements will be mentioned.

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