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Life Hacks: 55 Life Hacks For Enhancing Productivity, Minimizing Stress, Improving Communication Skills, and Reducing Procrastination (life hacks, life hacking, best life hacks)

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This purpose of this book is to show people how simple life hacks can help them have a better life by enhancing their productivity, learning to minimize their stress levels, work on improving their communication skills, and reduce their bad habit of procrastinating.  
By learning to change these things in your life you will find that you will be happier and those around you will be happier too.  It is important to understand that all the decisions we make in our lives impact other areas in our lives; sometimes in a small way and sometimes in a dramatic way.  
This book is going to give you the building blocks you will need to change your habits and get you on a road to a better, happier, and enjoyable life.  If you continue down the road on of not being productive, stressing over everything, not talking to others, and just keep pushing things off; you will never get to the destination you are hoping for.  Changes in your financial, home life, career, and mental state are not just going to magically happen because you wish for it; you have to make some changes in how you choose to participate in your life.  
You can choose to sit back and just complain that life is terrible or you can read through this book that is going to talk about the following subjects and change your destiny.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

-How to be more productive

-Letting go of stress

-Learning that communication is key to a successful life

-How to stop procrastinating or life will never change
Let’s get productive!

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