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Sea Stories: Definitely Not Fairy Tales

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Everyone knows the old adage of military life, hours and hours of unadulterated boredom sandwiched between seconds of sheer terror. But not everyone knows of the more humorous side of military life as described in the nautical expression "Sea Stories". The stories in this collection show another side of military life. Sailors find a way to get around obstacles, deal with the seemingly impossible, and get some satisfaction out of life; although not always by the most conventional route. This collection of stories follows a fictitious junior officer on a hilarious journey from ensign to lieutenant commander on three ships, a little liberty, and with a great deal of help from his fellow officers, chiefs, and sailors. As every sailor knows there are two types of stories; fairy tales that begin with "Once upon a time..", and sea stories that begin much differently. These are sea stories, definitely not fairy tales.

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