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The Gunsmith 426: Branded Woman

192 pages2 hours


Clint Adams was crossing the Mohave Desert when he came across a woman stumbling along on foot. From a distance she looked like an Indian squaw. Up close, she turned out to be a white gal. And that wasn’t all. She wore a cruel brand on his lower face!
Clint recognized the mark immediately. Indians often branded the women they stole in such a manner.
It appeared that this particular filly had escaped her captors, but she couldn’t remember doing so—she had amnesia!
In any case, there was no time to get her life story right then. The Mohave Indians wanted their captive back, and they were more than happy to lift hair to do it!
From then on it became a race to cross the desert to safety ... and if they reached it, Clint vowed to solve the mystery of just who the branded woman really was ...

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