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The Mysterious Death of Martha Scott

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This story is about a detective in the United State who felled in love with this beautiful woman named Martha Scott yet, he had no idea of what would happen during that meeting, he had no idea of what he was getting himself into and how deep he was getting in. Then came one fateful day when he was in his office, and long behold a tall blonde woman walked in his office and tells him that her sister has been murdered and that she needed help because she thinks she is next. Well, friends, he had a interesting case because the other thing was, that woman was Martha sister and when he heard that Martha died, at least he though she died, his heart sank, so yes he was going to get to the bottom of this case. That day was suppose to be the best day of his life, he was suppose to have a day off when all of sudden this tall blonde woman just buggered into his dam office telling him that her sister have been murdered. After asking her a list of names of peoples who used to be around her, he told the woman he had to leave, so he closed his office and left then all of sudden received an important phone called to be on the look out of a dangerous brunette lady who uses to change her hair colour into a blonde and her name was Mary Scott. So he decided to go to the Saint George pub and he never realised that there he would meet Mary Scott. The story was far to be finish as it was getting more twisted because actually Martha Scott had a twin sister. Could things get even worse?

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