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What is Human Life?

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Human life is the most wonderful creation of the universe. There is nothing better than human life. We may come across great inventions but there is nothing superior to human life in the three worlds. As we are not aware of the value of human life we use this supreme creation to invent suffering, sadness, loneliness, monotony, restlessness and stress. Animals have problems that they inherited at birth such as hunger, thirst and safety. They keep on looking for solutions for their problems. They do not invent problems. The Dhamma says that human begins have only four needs, which are physical needs such as foods, shelter, clothes and medicine. Hunger and foods are not mental but physical things. No suffering is associated with hunger as the solution is simple, which is to feed us with rice, bread etc. Most people suffer not because of hunger but because of the involvement of the mind, which projects questions/thoughts associated with hunger. What is to be eaten? What is to be eaten to suit the social status, profession, economic status? What is eaten by those around me? What is going to be bought by others from this shop? All these are mental complications. Even at the time of cooking, similar thinking arises. How to cook? What to cook? Look for variety in each meal etc. All this makes cooking a complex process. If the mind is complex, all the thoughts are also complex. Even though only four basic needs exist, human begins suffer a lot unlike animals, because of the involvement of their craving mind which cannot be satisfied easily.

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