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It Happened at the Park

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Practical city planner, Cassidy Grant has just inherited her deceased sister’s two little dogs. They may be adorable, but they are single-pawedly turning Cassidy’s structured, orderly life into a shambles. She needs help! Enter Ethan Sheppard—handsome, experienced dog owner, and fully embracing the casual, laid-back lifestyle. He’s also a political cartoonist, drawing under the guise of his alter ago—The Salty Kid. And his favorite target is the city mayor, I. R. King.

It’s an election year and Cassidy’s boss, Mayor King, is ordering her to find out who this cartoon drawing fool is—or else. The unreasonable ultimatum only adds to her list of recent complications. Cassidy finds herself falling for Ethan as he helps with the dogs, despite his rough edges. If only Mayor King would cut her some slack on the cartoon issue they could see how far their relationship could grow.

Ethan agrees to help Cassidy with the cute pups and can’t help but like the way her sensible shoes and matching power outfits spell success. Then he learns about the Mayor’s ultimatum. If he confesses he’s the cartoonist she’s looking for, he’ll be out a job. If he stays quiet, she’ll be fired.

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