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The Eternal Princess: The Prince's Harem, #5

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Every girl dreams about her prince…

Carly Roberts writes short erotic romances about sexy alpha princes and the princesses who love them. Carly is the saucier side of USA Today bestselling author Serenity Woods.

If you don’t like hot-blooded rich and bossy men, three (or more) in a bed, and dreamy bedroom scenes in exotic locations, The Prince’s Harem romances might not be for you!

The Prince’s Harem

It’s midnight at the oasis city of Samarkand, which lies on the Silk Road from China through Persia to the Mediterranean Sea. In this land of silks and spices, caramel sand, and lapis lazuli skies, Prince Tashfin ibn Ali takes his pleasure each night from one of the beautiful women in his harem.

Book 5: The Eternal Princess

Samira first met Prince Tashfin three years ago, and she’s never forgotten him. While on a state visit, he caught sight of her in a crowd and sent for her to come to his rooms, where she spent a blissful, erotic week the like of which she’d never experienced before, or since. Now, three years later, alone and in trouble, she arrives at his Palace in Samarkand hoping for help.

The young Tash that Samira had fallen in love with has grown into a powerful man with a whole harem of his own. While his country teeters on the verge of war, his mind has turned from matters of love to battle, and it has been weeks since he’s called for a woman to come to his chamber. Frustrated and angry, he looks up to see the midnight dancer he once loved—and lost—standing naked before him. Will he send her away? Or will he ask her to stay?

Warning: these short tales are super-hot! Prince Tash will do anything to pleasure his wives… so so if you don’t like things super spicy in the bedroom, you might prefer another book!

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Book 5: The Eternal Princess

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