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Immigrant Gods: A Hallows Man Novel

567 pages9 hours


The Hallows Man returns. This is the latest adventure of Samuel Hain, fae-touched Great War veteran and modern-day monster hunter. Five years after The Accident that took his wife, rendered him invisible to electronics and immune to supernatural influence, Sam continues to pursue his dangerous job with reckless enthusiasm. Every monster so far has failed, quite miserably, to grant his death wish.
But this new hunt holds promise…
On the trail of a child’s killer, Sam ends up in Pittsburgh and is drawn into a turf war between the ruling Vampire Family and Los Lobos Carnales, a werewolf gang from south of the border. He has history with these moon mutts, so the Federal Department of Preternatural Affairs doesn’t hesitate to pull him in as the resident expert; and all the better to keep a suicidal Night Warden with a high kill count from running unchaperoned through their jurisdiction.
Adding to the interference is Sam’s own quasi-sentient motorcycle, Road Witch, acting more temperamental than usual.
As Sam navigates through the labyrinth of vampire politics, druidic lore and the city’s hidden history, he learns they are all connected to his case. At the center of it all, he discovers an unspeakable evil whom the world has long thought dead and a profane and powerful family legacy that protects it.
But just because the history books got it wrong doesn’t mean it can’t be set straight. For the ghosts of the innocents have chosen their champion, and he’s making this hunt personal.

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