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Being a mail-order bride should be simple. You get in, you get sold, you get out.
A ticket out of misery and despair. And what's better, a ticket that someone else pays.
But I just couldn't make it work. I was stupid enough to leave the comfort and safety I had found
only to wind up falling for the most dangerous man the country.

Ace Hart is as handsome as he's powerful, and as dangerous as he's handsome.
And I'm attracted to him like a moth to a flame.

I know I should keep well away from him, but the situation I'm in keeps pushing us together.
And soon there will be no escape.


When stakes are high, you need rules to survive.
And the stakes are very high. Millions at a time. Billions, even.
Fortunes made and unmade at a poker table.

I have two rules that I live by:
No mercy for cheaters. You cheat, you meet my iron hand.
And the most important one?
Keep my own heart safe no matter the cost.

I've managed to enforce both ... until now. But then this pretty
foreigner appeares. Just when shit is about to go down everywhere.

Love is never convenient, but now? It's suicide. I have to stay away from her,
for her own protection.

And yet, to protect her, I must be with her.

Man, I fucked up real good.

This is a romantic novel with no cliffhangers and a happy ending. And action. And sex. And plot twists.

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