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Google Display Network Beginner’s Guide To Advertising For You

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The purpose of the ebook is to give you a heads up on advertising on the Google Display Network.

A clean an agile advertising platform created by the Google AdWords team that places your ads on their partners’ website called placements. Choose where and when your ads appear. So you could, for instant, have your ad appearing on CNN or other well known Google partner websites. Just imagine the exposure that could be for your business!
According to Google Adwords, “The Google Display Network makes it possible for you to show your ads on websites, mobile apps, and video that partner with Google -- using a variety of ad formats like text, image ads, and more.”

With a reach of over 2 million websites! The GDN gives you the opportunity to reach more than 80 % of all Internet users worldwide in more than 30 languages and 100 countries.
Its Features
Although the GDN is found inside Google Adwords, do not assume it is similar to Google search platform. It has features and functions that are found only in the Google Display network editor.

For it smart bidding strategies it uses machine learning technologies to optimize for conversions. It automatically serves your ad at right time to the right people.
The Editor comes with 3 major sections, which are:
•Ad group
•Ad creation

In addition, it has some powerful reporting features. It allows you to measure and analyze your data from different prospective.
Reporting Features like:
•Measuring brand awareness
•Measuring traffic to your website
•Measuring return on investment ROI

Learn about the GDN display tabs:
•How to create and then manage a campaign
•What targeting methods to use for in an ad group
•Reach your audiences on apps and different websites.
•What you need to know about its various bidding types and marketing objectives.

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