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Art of Flirting

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Flirting is a very serious business which many ordinary fellows think otherwise. I am giving five examples of flirting by the protagonist Kanak. Few basic principles a good flirting man follows. I intentionally did not use the word ‘flirting person’ instead of ‘Flirting man’ because normally a lady never starts flirting.
Every person likes flirting like everyone likes sycophancy. However, everybody denies it.
Every flirting man must be good mind reader. Like a pack of wolf identifies the weakness of the victim, he should identify the weakness of the target lady. Most of the ladies like praise about their beauty. But that may not be true always. I have come across some ladies who like praise of their husbands. However, it is a rare breed. Praising of children may also be weak points of some ladies.

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