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I Love an Addict: How to Find Hope, Healing, and Happiness through Christ

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Be uplifted and find the power to step out from under the heavy weight that rests on you. Supporting an addict is difficult and painful, but, because of Christ, it does not have to be. By following His example, we can support our addicts better and help them to recover. Christ’s teachings can help us understand how to help the addicts that we love, because He loves them too.
An important part of supporting an addict, however, is to take care of ourselves first. You cannot light another’s candle if your own is out. It can be painful and scary to have an addict in the family, but it doesn’t have to be because of the perfect atonement. Christ gave us the gift to be cleansed from our own sins AND to endure the sins of others.
We were given the ability to forgive so we can heal. You can tap into that healing if you lean on the Savior, the one who has the ability to forgive, and love, every sinner.
“I Love an Addict,” will guide you to those gifts that Christ wants you to have. It will also help you decide how to handle your loved one’s addiction, and teach you how to find the strength to endure this trial.

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